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2015 Sniper Adventure Challenge

Posted by Armageddon Gear on 9/2/2015 to Events

Douglas, Wyoming. September 4-6, 2015

The Sniper Adventure Challenge (SAC) is a Tactical Adventure Race involving: land navigation; practical shooting with long-range rifle, carbine, and pistols; fieldcraft; problem solving; and other related tasks. Two-man teams will be required to navigate at least 25 miles on foot to complete the course. Along the way, there will be a series of tasks to accomplish to gain additional points. These tasks may include: shooting problems with long-range rifle, carbine, and pistols; problem-solving; physical challenges; fieldcraft; communication; target recognition; memory; and other tasks.


The SAC is conducted on a beautiful private 17,000-acre facility south of Douglas Wyoming. Not only do the man-made obstacles and challenges put in place by the match staff at Competition Dynamics test each team’s fitness, teamwork, and commitment, but the stunning and rugged landscape offers challenges of its own. Check out the SAC picture gallery below and you’ll see some of the mountainous terrain over which teams must navigate during daylight and darkness.


Armageddon Gear’s own Tom Fuller and long-time friend Dave Steinbach (Daniel Defense) won the SAC in 2014, besting teams from around the country. With stages consisting of rifle marksmanship, pistolcraft, foreign weapons use, water obstacles, and a variety brutal physical challenges beginning with a massive log-carry hike, the SAC is much more than a weekend rifle match. Less than half of the teams competing finished the required two missions. Over the course of more than 31 miles traveled and 29 continuous hours of competition, Tom and Dave used their prowess in land navigation, shooting, problem solving, and fitness to secure the win.

September is here again and it’s time for Tom and Dave to defend their title! Can they pull off another win for 2015?

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