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Armageddon Gear Brokos Belt

Armageddon Gear Brokos Belt

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Brokos Belt by Armageddon Gear

Behold, the result of decades of experience and years of refinement, the Armageddon Gear Brokos Belt provides razor’s edge performance with a lightweight and efficient form factor. Designed to work as either a standalone piece using the Tweave-covered padded liner belt (included) or in conjunction with the Velcro loop-faced inner belt, the Armageddon Gear Brokos Belt is lined with hook Velcro for stability. The polymer-reinforced outer belt is covered in a laser-cut Cordura laminate material that is segmented for use with belt-mounted holsters and other gear. Only three inches tall and built on a trim new design, yet covered in laser-cut PALS attaching points, the Armageddon Gear Brokos Belt accepts all your cool-guy pouches and makes this the ultimate piece of modular badassery.


M outer belt length = 33" fits 30"-34" Waist
L outer belt length = 36" fits34"-38" Waist
XL outer belt length = 39" fits 38"-42" Waist
XXL outer belt length = 42" fits 42"-46" Waist

Package Contains*:

LFT Armageddon Gear Brokos Outer Belt
LFT Armageddon Gear Brokos Inner Belt
LFT Armageddon Gear Brokos Padded Liner Belt

A pistol belt (sold separately) is required to complete your belt rig. Check out the Armageddon Gear Best EDC Belt for non-safety-rated duties and the Armageddon Gear Rigger's Belt for use when a safety line or other tether is required.

*Images on this page may show options and accessories not included.

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