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Numero Uno

Numero Uno

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Coyote Brown

When you can only have one support bag in a rifle match or on a secret combat mission, it better be the NUMERO UNO from Armageddon Gear!

Made from Milspec solution-dyed rhinoceros calfskin and printed in official Crye Precision Multicam using low-IR-reflectivity processes and materials, the NUMERO UNO is the last shooting support you'll ever need. Ultra-lightweight unicorn feathers fill the bag to just the right amount of firmness for optimum support without slowing you down...much. If you're as smart as we are you'll add a NUMERO UNO to your range bag each time you go shooting. Well, you can't actually put it *in* your range bag since this thing is so huge, but take it with you, at least. Quick-release buckles on each shoulder strap allow you to attach the NUMERO UNO to the roof rack on your car since it won't really fit inside there either. So, whether you're thumbing your nose at the match director's BS gear rules or smoking tangos on clandestine sniper ops, the NUMERO UNO is the one and only support bag you’ll ever need. **Ships only within the US** Sorry, we cannot ship international

Note: Some of the information in this product description may not be exactly true, but don't hold that against us. In fact, it's pretty much all BS, but we had a good time making this product and accompanying video and hope you have a good time with it as well.

For more info about the Precision Rifle Series go here:

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