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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I see several precision rifle slings on the market. Why should I choose the Armageddon Gear Precision Rifle Sling?

A: Do you want to be a badass or not? If so, our precision rifle sling is the only option. It’s the fastest, easiest to use, most adjustable, and most lightweight precision rifle sling made. The Armageddon Gear Precision Rifle Sling was designed to be at home in combat or in competition and is made completely of Milspec materials.

Q: Will your slings fit my rifle or carbine?

A: Armageddon Gear slings come in a variety of models to attach to almost every rifle or carbine made. If your rifle or carbine has standard metal swivel loops, choose the “loop-end” version of your preferred sling shown here and here. If your rifle or carbine has QD Swivel Sockets select “QD-Swivel” version of your preferred sling shown here, here and here from the precision rifle sling images here>. You may also select the loop-end version of our slings if you’d like to add your own hardware to allow the use of one sling on rifles with different types of connections points. We sell several types of swivels and adapters here:

1" AI Hook - Black
1.5" AI Hook - Black
1" Stainless QD "D-Loop" Swivel Blackened
Rail-Mount QD Swivel Socket

Q: Which attachment option do I need for the Precision Rifle Sling?

A: If your rifle has QD Sockets (they look like ½” holes) in the stock and forend then choose Precision Rifle Sling with QD Swivels (part number AG0104). If your rifle has metal loops or eyelets roughly 3/8” in diameter choose Precision Rifle Sling with AI Hooks (Part # AG0117). If your rifle has standard sling studs with small 1/8” diameter holes through the stud (most hunting rifles have these) then purchase the Precision Rifle Sling with loop ends (Part #AG0103). You’ll need to purchase 1.25”-1.5” Sling Swivels for your swivel studs. These are commonly available at sporting goods stores. Check out our Precision Rifle Sling

Q: Will the Beer Bivy fit my King Can of Bush Light?

A: Not just no, but HELL no. Do pushups and get yourself a real beer.

Q: Will my 20 or 25-round PMAG LRs fit in the Chassis Magazine Pocket?

A: No, the Chassis Magazine Pocket is sized to fit 5 or 10-round short-action chassis mags. Your 3 and 7-round short-action-magnum (like 300 WSM or 6.5 SAUM) chassis magazines will also fit perfectly.

Q: Which mag pouches will accept my 20-round PMAG LRs?

A: The Armageddon Gear 7.62 SASS Single and SASS Double Mag Pouches are made for the 20-rd PMAG LRs. Lancer 20-rd L7 mags will also fit nicely. Knight’s SR-25, Mk17 SCAR-H and similar metal mags will fit as well.

Q: Which mag pouch fits my 10-rd PMAG LRs or 10-rd Lancer L7 mags?

A: The 7.62 SASS Single Mag Pouch is made to accept either the 10-rd or the 20-rd PMAG LRs/Lancer L7 and similar 7.62x51/.308 Winchester mags.

Q: Why would I choose a single-point carbine sling over a two-point carbine sling?

A: Beats the hell out of us, but some people seem to like them. The one good use we can see for them is with a small SMG like the Sig MPX-K.

Q: Do you offer a military discount?

A: Yes. Contact us.